About our Agency

Inspired by Tim Burton’s film “Big Fish”, our agency’s name sums up the respective quote “There are some fish that cannot be caught. It’s not that they are faster than other fish, they ‘re just touched by something extra…”.

Our “something extra” is encapsulated in our ability to turn design into art and concepts into strategic advantages. Through our creativity and expertise we combine the unique skill set of our people and their diverse wealth of experience. We are our client’s go-to team when it comes to creating engaging imagery with an equal focus both on aesthetics and functionality. A digital innovation agency offering 360* innovative solutions to the trickiest of their requests and challenges.

We are ‘your not so big fish that cannot be caught’, but can perfectly capture your needs and translate them into that something extra!

We believe that, best outcomes are the result of perfect mix and matches. Between people, ideas, visions, skills, strengths, analysis and planning. It is these combinations that we think can create the perfect conditions for innovation and for the occurrence of that “something extra” that makes life, well, magical!

What gives us that “something extra” is the combination of our team’s life passions, unique skills and wealth of experience, all comprising together an eclectic and diverse toolset to work with. It is these means that help us better understand our client’s needs and offer them solutions that can combine strategic vision, deep creativity and operational functionality, all together in a holistic manner.

What makes our team even stronger is its openness to other mix and matches that help us grow and expand, and enrich not only our strengths, but most importantly our perspectives! We cherish our collaborations with greatly appreciated friends and associates, who are well-respected in their own fields and help us deliver to our clients that something extra “extra”

Some members of our “extra” team:

Kyriaki Sofocleous


Explorer of life and the charm of visual storytelling, passion for self development.

Stella Andronikou


Student of art, traveller of the world, thinking out of the norms in photography and life, seeking for the different.


Yiota Gregoriou
30-year experience in publishing production, passion for knowledge, creative energy.

Egle Ulozeviciute


Creative and innovative thinker with passion for traveling, art, food and new cultures.

Kimon Georgiou


Invited member of the board

Reverse thinking, business skills and life skills, study philosophy and cultures.


A cloud of expertise

We admit that it takes long research and strong effort to find expertise in different sectors, from food, and fashion to travel and hospitality. However, it takes even stronger efforts to find people with common values that are prepared to work in unity on a common cause.

Today, ‘not so big fish productions’ is consisting of a number of charismatic people that all bring ideas and virtues in a cloud of resources coming from various parts of the world. In a quite different organization style defined by free spirit, art, creativity, innovation and working in distance we all try hard to offer societies new ways to conceive the future that quickly comes.